They Say Travel ‘Light’, We Say Travel ‘Sustainably’

Every bucket list has one thing in common: traveling. We are by nature wanderers, seekers, discoverers. If we’re not traveling, we’re planning for our next trip, or at least dreaming about it. Traveling opens our minds, eyes and hearts.

Unfortunately, traveling isn’t very sustainable and that is by itself a challenge for us sustainably-oriented peeps who love to travel. In a perfectly sustainable and eco-friendly world, no plane would ever take off. But we all know that is not an option nor a solution. So what can we do to make our travels more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint?  

It starts with you (everything always does) and with little individual habits that may not seem like much but, collectively, can have a huge impact. Here are some tips from Dulce on how you can enjoy your vacation without compromising your sustainable ethics!


  • When available, always book a direct flight instead of one with layover. That will reduce your carbon footprint immensely.
  • The best way to discover a new city is by feet or by riding a bike. If you’re going long distances or weather gets in the way, resort to public transportation or at least a shared cab.


  • More and more eco hotels are becoming available worldwide. When planning your trip, try searching for an eco hotel in the area or at least a hotel with sustainable practices.
  • Don’t forget to switch off all lights, turn off the AC and unplug your chargers and electronic devices every time before leaving your room!
  • Avoid giving out your laundry at the hotel. Most hotels wash each room’s laundry separately even if it’s just a few items. That’s a whole lot of laundry loads. Very, very bad.
  • In some countries, water is a scarce resource. Keep your showers short and try not to consume a lot of water.


  • Shop at local shops and dine at local restaurants instead of big chains. It’ll boost the local economy you are visiting and will also give you a richer experience of the country’s culture.
  • Bring your own shopping bag with you to reduce the use of plastic bags.


  • Respect cultures, norms and rules, and try not to offend locals.
  • It goes without saying, but don’t litter! Keep the country you’re visiting clean (or at least don’t participate in making it even more polluted).


  • Don’t disrupt the wildlife by feeding them or getting too close to them!
  • Avoid tourist activities that encourage animal slavery such as elephant riding or tiger walking.

Give Back

  • Finally, give back by donating to a local charity before heading back home!

Posted by Dulce Salerno