The day Ethical Fashion conquers the world

We are always saying that one day ‘ethical fashion’ will be just known as ‘fashion’ and ‘fast fashion’ will no longer exist. With the slow fashion movement slowly gaining momentum over the fast fashion world and customers demanding transparency, we can now not only dream of the win, but be sure of it. The day will come and on that special day we shall see the changes we have been fighting for all our lives. Here is a glimpse of what will happen the day ethical fashion finally conquers the world.

  • Animals will no longer live in fear of being murdered for their fur.
  • Local businesses will do a happy dance.
  • You can finally wear Tees with Woman Power quotes without feeling guilty that an enslaved woman made it.
  • Your lungs will breathe cleaner air as the second most polluting industry will no longer exist.
  • Cotton can finally stop drinking all that water and share it with the rest of the world instead.
  • Activists will have to search for a new purpose as slavery will be a thing of the past and everyone will live in fairness and equality.
  • You might find yourself arrested by the Fashion Police if you get caught wearing fast fashion.
  • Children can go back to being troublemakers instead of spending their time working in factories.
  • Your bank account will stay fuller as you’ll have less impulses to buy cheap products that you don’t need.
  • Landfills will get less crowded with low quality clothing that are thrown out after a few wears.
  • Plastic will fear extinction as more natural, organic and sustainable materials will have replaced polyester.
  • The only place you’ll find fast fashion will be in big libraries, in the “horror” and “sci-fi” section.