While you are reading this… A few unfair statistics

Our comfortable little lives tend to distance us from the atrocities that are happening every day in the world. Most of us carry our days without thinking much about what other people might be going through. Occasionally, we might stand up for a cause, give a little donation, do a little good and help someone in need. And don’t get us wrong, that is great. But have we ever stopped and really thought about what’s going on in this very moment around the world? Here’s a few facts that might shock you. We don’t promise that what you’re about to read will keep you comfortable, but we just hope that it will spark a little something within you.

While you are reading this,

– 827.5 million people around the world are starving and don’t have enough food to live a healthy life.

– 300,000 children are battling cancer yearly.

– 849.8 million people are thirsty and lack access to clean drinkable water and sanitation.

– 263 million children worldwide are out of school and do not have an education.

– 65 million people are separated from their families and displaced from their homes due to wars.

– 40 million humans around the world are living as modern slaves.

– 100 million people are literally homeless and don’t have a roof over their heads.

– 3.5 billion people still do not have access to the internet.

Now you can pretend you didn’t read that and carry on with your day as usual, or you can do something about it. Just because something is happening far away from us, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening at all and that we can’t do anything to change it. Those statistics are simply unacceptable in today’s world and it is up to us to make a difference and take a step towards a better world for the sake of humanity. All it takes is to have a Dulce heart and spread it as far as possible until we can all live in a complete world one day.


Fashion for ending hunger

Farm Africa: Fighting Poverty and Ending Hunger

We all know how serious poverty and world hunger is. We all know that certain countries suffer more than others. What we probably don’t know though is how many people across the world are affected. In case you’re wondering, that number is nearly a billion people.

It doesn’t just stop here. With growing populations and climate change, food production needs to rise by around 70% over 40 years to meet demand.

For that reason, Dulce Salerno is a proud supporter of Farm Africa.

Established in 1985 by Sir Michael Wood and David Campbell, Farm Africa’s mission is to end hunger and reduce poverty permanently by unleashing African farmers abilities to grow their incomes and manage their natural resources sustainably. Farm Africa believes that Africa has the power to feed itself and therefore works directly with local farmers to help them unleash their potential to feed Africa’s people.

Farm Africa has successfully helped families in Africa efficiently manage their small crops to produce more food from it, generate more business from their livestock, increase fish farming by promoting aquaculture, harvest the forests in a sustainable way, and build resilience to climate change.

Beatrice is one of the women whose life was transformed thanks to the efforts from Farm Africa. Previously surviving on just one meal per day, her crops are now enough to provide her and her family with three good meals a day and generating money by selling the surplus of food left. You can read her story and other success stories on Farm Africa’s website:

You can join Farm Africa’s battle to end hunger and help other families like Beatrice’s. Visit Farm Africa’s website to find out how you can contribute to Farm Africa’s cause and eliminate hunger:

It is also worth noting that whenever you purchase any Dulce Salerno product, you are directly helping Farm Africa in their fight against hunger, as Farm Africa is one of the charities supported by Dulce Salerno. Therefore, a portion of Dulce Salerno’s profits (100% of which is equally and fully divided among all charities supported by Dulce Salerno) will go out to Farm Africa. In addition, the following Dulce Salerno t-shirts (available in different styles) are designed specifically for Farm Africa and 100% of the profits generated by the sale of these specific items will go fully to Farm Africa.

Dulce Salerno’s “Feed the Future” Tee designed especially for Farm Africa

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