A Glimpse into the Stories behind Dulce Salerno’s Art

Just like fashion, we believe that art can be used as a voice to send a message of love and hope. If you take a closer look at our products, you will see that behind every Dulce piece, there is a story being told through its simple yet deep artwork. We work with passionate artists worldwide that pour their hearts into each design to create a story that reflects perfectly the causes we support.

Every Drop Counts – Designed for Water.org:

1 in 10 people lack access to safe water. For some children, this means staying out of school and walking hours each day to collect water. This design conveys the idea that everyone, through simple actions, can help others and participate in the preservation of the planet regardless of age, gender, ethnic or social origin. And while to some of us, water might seem like an infinite resource, to someone else, every single drop counts. And so this design is meant to remind us of the scarcity of water and it reminds us to appreciate the precious gift that water is and to not waste it. It starts as a drop, but one by one these little drops all add up to fill a cup, and then a bottle, and then a gallon. The same applies to good actions. A small good deed may appear like a little drop, but when many good deeds come together, they create an ocean.


Hero – Designed for Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL):

blog2This design is dedicated to every child and little hero battling cancer. With proper treatments, 80% of the children with cancer will heal. This is an impressive figure and in this design we wanted to focus on this positive aspect and send a message of hope. We believe that a positive mind can fight any disease inside-out and that no matter how innocent or vulnerable children are, they can emerge as heroes defeating cancer.


Feed the Future – Designed for Farm Africa:

blog3Using colorful, bright and primary colors, this design aims to show that nature is an inexhaustible source of wealth providing food, materials and tools to feed one generation after the other. When farmers have all the necessary resources and knowledge to manage their crops, they can double or triple their yields so they can grow enough food to feed their family. And if they can grow enough to sell as well, they can create a sustainable business that will help them build a better future for themselves, for their children and for their children’s children.


Leb-Map – Designed for the Lebanese Red Cross:

image001This design is dedicated to the Lebanese Red Cross and to all its volunteers who give so much to the community while having so little, and who everyday dedicate their time to saving lives and helping people.

It is so often that the heroes of a country are the ones who work in the shadows, away from the lights of fame and glory, to make their country better and their people healthier. This design is a way to honor them and to show our appreciation to them.


Dulce’s Candide – Supporting All Causes:

image003Dulce Salerno is a symbol of Peace and Hope. Everything around Dulce is lush, full of life, beautiful and abundant. In a world full of darkness and misfortune, Dulce stands out like a ray of light, shining her love on the world, radiating joy and adding color to the gray clouds surrounding people. This design is meant to inspire others to follow Dulce’s footsteps, to do good and to have a Dulce heart.


Give Water – Designed for Water.org:

image005Water is life, water is hope, water is peace. It is by far the most precious gift that Mother Earth has given us and it is every individual’s most basic and vital human right. This design is a celebration of this treasured liquid that is for all of us to share amongst us and maintain. With our hands outstretched to the sky, we gladly receive this gift and pass it on to the others who lack access to safe water.


Fighter for Life – Designed for Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL):

image007Some people have to fight battles very early on in their lives. One of the hardest battles and struggles children can face is having to fight cancer. Through this design, we wanted to convey the message that children are not alone in this fight. We all lead this battle for this life and we are fighting alongside them to overcome this disease. Indeed, this design glitters with messages for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where we all stand up and fight cancer inside-out.  A tomorrow where we don’t give up and just keep fighting until we get our lives back. Because not even cancer can take away our love for life and our love for the children.


End Hunger – Designed for Farm Africa:

image009Africa is blessed with a large quantity of natural resources, enough to feed the world. And yet, when we think of Africa, images of poverty, diseases and hunger come to our mind. This designs presents the simple formula needed to help end hunger in Africa: Educate, Farm, Feed. In other words, teach the population the proper farming techniques to produce food, provide them with the needed tools and resources, and show them how to use it. This is how poor communities can become autonomous, sustain and grow their crops and finally end hunger.


Volunteers – Designed for the Lebanese Red Cross:

image011The most common excuse that people give is that they do not have enough time. Yes, life can get very busy. But volunteers know that helping others is not about time, it is about love. And so this design depicts the beautiful heart of these volunteers who give so much of themselves to give a dying heart a second chance to beat.



Dulce Salerno – Supporting All Causes:

image013This design sums up what the Dulce Salerno brand is all about and its stance on ethical fashion. The Dulce world is a world where fashion is used as force for good, as a means for helping others and giving back to the community. It is a sustainable world where we believe in social responsibility, in fair trade, in ethical living, in preserving the environment and in respecting humanity. Simply, it is a world where we challenge you to think deeper about the causes that matter and where we encourage you to be the best version of yourself.


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