Eluxe Magazine Recognizes Dulce Salerno as a Key Player in Gender Equality

When we first launched our clothing brand, we wanted Dulce Salerno to be an inspiration for the new generation to change the world for the better. Through positive messages, call to actions and empowering designs, we wanted to build a community of change-makers who are aware of how their actions impact the planet and how simple acts of kindness can make a huge difference. In fact, every piece of Dulce clothing carries with it that goal and contributes to various causes such as living ethically and sustainably, giving back, preserving the environment, fighting cancer, saving water, ending poverty, providing equal opportunities, reducing waste, inspiring change, ensuring fair wages, protecting animals, empowering women, supporting artists and craftsmanship, all while providing high quality clothing.

Recently, Eluxe Magazine has highlighted another important cause that Dulce Salerno advocates for: Gender equality in the fashion industry. With a wide collection of unisex caps, Tees and belts, we are not restricting any specific color, cut or design to boys or girls. If you like it, then it’s yours regardless of who you may be. But most importantly, the messages that we are sending through our fashion items to young girls are the same that we are sending to young boys: you CAN make a difference, you CAN help a child fight cancer, you CAN give someone the gift of water, you CAN help end poverty, you CAN save our planet, you CAN be a superhero and you ARE enough. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy, it’s still on YOU to change this world for the better.

A big thank you to Eluxe Magazine for shedding light on this important issue and for featuring all those amazing ethical brands that celebrate genderless fashion as well. And do make sure to check out the article here!