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While you are reading this… A few unfair statistics

Our comfortable little lives tend to distance us from the atrocities that are happening every day in the world. Most of us carry our days without thinking much about what other people might be going through. Occasionally, we might stand up for a cause, give a little donation, do a little good and help someone […]

The Beauty of Having a Dulce Heart

If you want to change the world, it always starts with a ‘Dulce Heart’. But what does that really mean? Inspired by little Dulce and the goodness her name is spreading to the world, having a ‘Dulce Heart’ is much more than an expression we like to throw around, it’s a way of life and […]

The day Ethical Fashion conquers the world

We are always saying that one day ‘ethical fashion’ will be just known as ‘fashion’ and ‘fast fashion’ will no longer exist. With the slow fashion movement slowly gaining momentum over the fast fashion world and customers demanding transparency, we can now not only dream of the win, but be sure of it. The day […]

Good Habits Start at a Young Age

In our previous blog, we mentioned “involving your children” as one of the key steps towards a more sustainable life. It is after all within this mindset that the Dulce Salerno brand was born and our journey of doing good began. It all started when our founder wanted to influence her children from an early […]

Living a Sustainable Life

If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you’ve probably already mastered the art of sustainable fashion and already doing your part to make this world a friendlier place. So what’s next? Well, you’re already on the right track. Switching to slow fashion and recognizing fast fashion for the evil that it is, […]

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Bag

When Katie Perry released her song “Firework” in 2010, she raised an existential question when she asked: “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” If you’re one of those people who at some point wondered how does it actually feel to be a plastic bag, read on because today is your lucky day and […]

Industries Still Using Forced Labor

As an ethical clothing brand, we at Dulce Salerno make sure to never use any material that was produced using child or forced labor. It doesn’t just sound like the right thing to do, but more like the natural thing to do. In fact, in this time and age, it’s just absurd that forced labor […]

Inspiring Celebrity Speeches

Don’t you just love it when celebrities use their voices to share motivational personal stories, raise awareness for the causes that matter and inspire you to do good? From subjects that tackle looking after the environment, empowering women and helping others, here are some of our favorite celebrity speeches that resonate deeply within us:   […]

Luxury meets Sustainability: Top Eco-Hotels Around the World

At the core of everything that Dulce Salerno stands for is sustainability. We carry this word, or should we say this value, every day with us whether through our eco-fashion choices or daily habits. It’s only natural therefore that it follows us in our travels as well. There are many ways that you can make […]

Five simple tips for saving water that no one told you about

It’s no secret, we care about water and we believe that it is a precious gift that should be accessible to everyone. Yet every day, a huge amount of water gets wasted by us humans. A lot of people take water for granted and don’t realize that in other parts of the world families are […]

They Say Travel ‘Light’, We Say Travel ‘Sustainably’

Every bucket list has one thing in common: traveling. We are by nature wanderers, seekers, discoverers. If we’re not traveling, we’re planning for our next trip, or at least dreaming about it. Traveling opens our minds, eyes and hearts. Unfortunately, traveling isn’t very sustainable and that is by itself a challenge for us sustainably-oriented peeps […]

Dulce Salerno meets the International Business Standards Organization (IBSO) qualifications

Dulce Salerno successfully meets the International Business Standards Organization (IBSO) qualifications. IBSO is basically a business rating organization which provides ethical and evaluative standards for public as well as private institutions, which are firms and companies involved in international trade and finance. We are proud to be supported by such an organization because it means […]

Love Animals? Then Quit Fast Fashion

If animals could speak, they would probably say something like “please don’t wear that.” And it’s not because they are activists and want to save the environment or protect human rights, but because they want to save themselves too. We may not realize it, but our beauty and fashion choices directly affect, harm and endanger […]

Dulce Salerno: 2017 Good Brand Award from Sublime Magazine

It’s award season and we’re not talking about the Oscars or the Grammy’s! Being a brand that always strives to be ethical, eco-friendly and to use fashion as a force for good, we couldn’t be happier and proud to receive the 2017 Good Brand Award from Sublime Magazine. The Good Brand award is an endorsement […]

Bamboo: The Secret Behind Dulce Salerno’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand

At Dulce Salerno, we put extreme care into the making of all our products from our wide variety of organic t-shirts, to our handmade belts and recycled caps. We design and produce each product meticulously to meet our customers’ needs, cater to their taste and satisfy their needs while always keeping in mind our core […]

Dulce Salerno: An Ethical Brand with a Deeper Purpose

If you’re familiar with the Dulce Salerno brand, you probably already know what we do and why we do it. We’re all about ethical fashion, fair trade, supporting the causes we believe in and raising funds for charities. But there is even more to our brand than meets the eye. Dulce Salerno is a symbol […]

A Glimpse into the Stories behind Dulce Salerno’s Art

Just like fashion, we believe that art can be used as a voice to send a message of love and hope. If you take a closer look at our products, you will see that behind every Dulce piece, there is a story being told through its simple yet deep artwork. We work with passionate artists […]

The Lebanese Red Cross: Supporting Our Heroes

What makes a hero? In a world where superhero movies dominate the movie scene and where children idolize fictional superhero characters with fictional superpowers, the true meaning of a hero is often forgotten. True heroes are often the ones that are unspoken of, the ones who don’t seek recognition, the ones who everyday give to […]